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Delivery times:

We use Quantium Solutions' Global Mail which is an untracked, international air mail service that we have found to be very reliable for delivering to our overseas customers.

In New Zealand we almost always use New Zealand Post but we sometimes use a courier when appropriate.

Delivery times vary depending on location and season. Delivery times are often slower in Late November and December due to an increased workload bought about by Christmas deliveries.

Here is a guide to approximate delivery times to your region:

New Zealand - 1 to 5 days
Australia - 3 to 6 days
Asian & Pacific island countries - 8 to 11 days
Canada - 12 to 21 days (sometimes longer)
India - 11 - 20 days
European countries - 7 to 12 days
United States of America - 6 to 11 days

Sometimes an interception of your parcel by Customs may slow your delivery time down.

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